Mechnical Engineering Department

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department

  • Head of Department:
    Engineer Charles Koech

Mechanical engineering was started in January 2021 to offer coursesin Diploma, Certificate and Artisan, Examined by KNEC. The department has qualified training personnel,the department has attracted more students.Electrical and electronic engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity in a wide scope of industrial and domestic activities. Electrical and electronic engineering involves the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical power supply, both in domestic and industrial application. It also covers communications via computer networks and telephony. Electrical and electronic engineers have the capacity to design new electrical, electronic and computer products, besides being able to analyze, manage and redesign existing electrical installations and equipment. Electrical and electronic technician plays a major role in the installation, services and repairs of equipment. Currently, with the ever-increasing use of computers and electronics in every facet of our lives, electrical and electronic technicians have the opportunity to be involved in developing wide range of electrical systems. n. The department is has seven (2) electrical workshop fully equipped with modern teaching equipment.

Courses offered in Mechanical Engineering Department

Coures Name Entry Requirement Course Duration Exam Body
Welding and Fabrication Level 6 KCSE C- or Craft certificate 2 years TVET CDACC
Welding and Fabrication Level 5 KCSE D or Artisan certificate 2 years TVET CDACC
Welding and Fabrication Level 4 KCSE D- and Below or KCPE 1 years TVET CDACC