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Dean’s office is one place where all students are expected to feel at home away from home. The students are encouraged to express their needs and these needs are reasonably met without any judgement. The office aims at ensuring that the welfare of students is catered for physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually for the general welfare. The dean’s office works together in harmony with other offices for the wholesome development of the students more so the office of the principal. As a dean of students in our College, am extremely proud of the rich tradition of the institute in providing practical based training in Technical Education. This tradition prepares our students to become leaders with moral depth and intellectual intensity to meet all challenges in life.
The office of the dean is in charge of the general welfare of the students and has the following mandate:
Organizing and supervision of students’ elections
Organizing of students’ recreational facilities
Guiding and counseling students on life skills
Overseeing of clubs and societies
In charge of students’ health care
Overseeing orientation meetings for new students
The dean’s office work in close liaison with Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to give advice to the students concerning applications for loans to the board.

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