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Kerio Valley Technical and Vocational College

Technology for Self-Reliance

Kerio Valley Technical and Vocational College is the only TVET College in Marakwet East Constituency. The College lies in a 92 acre piece of land. It is located in Marakwet East Sub-County near Chebilil Trading Centre.The College was officially opened in January 2021, where it welcomed its First Intake, which led to formation of five departements: ICT, Fashion and Design, Mechanical Engineering, Buidling and Construction and Electrical Engineering Departments.

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Official Opening Date
  • 4th September 2023
  • College
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KNEC Technical Examinations
  • 14th July - 4th August 2023
  • College

Kindly check the Updated KNEC Timetable.

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Why Choose Us?

‘Education is not the learning of facts. It is the training of the mind to think.’ The words of famous inventor Albert Einstein often make us ponder. Learning by rote of course does little, while the impact of training the mind to think, can create a world of a difference. It is this thought process of trying to create a system where young minds are channeled to think, rather than learn, led to the creation of ‘Education that Works’. A system that creates a 21st century classroom to teach its students through doing and understanding, is thus the focus..

Our College aspires to be a national leader in developing educated professionals, career-ready trainees, and global citizens, and in generating meaningful, high-impact training.

To be a technical training College of excellence in business and technology for all sectors of the economy.

The college is located in Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Marakwet East Sub-County along Eldoret -Kapsowar -Tot Road.

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